Friday, December 3, 2010

...since I last posted...

Things have changed, since I last posted :)

Right now----

the babies are growing bigger and smarter and more beautiful every day

we have no animals or gardens, but hopefully in the spring we will

we love where we live, just minutes from family in the town where we were raised

i am totally obsessed with flash mobs

i am really enjoying earning a little money for doing something i love to do
(crocheting hats)

we are spending way too much money on Christmas gifts that we don't need

i am catching up on all my dental work for the last 8 years (and 4 pregnancies!!!)

i love my husband

i am addicted to reality t.v.

5 people in our house have a cold

i am in the process of creating a new craft area

and my house looks like a cracker monster with a toy center exploded all over the
floors of my house (I guess some things haven't changed that much :)