Friday, June 12, 2009


Attempt at granola-ish type bars from leftover museli failed. Gross, yuck, gross. Worse than in a bowl with milk. Instead of "saving" our leftover breakfast I spent some honey and an egg among other ingredients. So much for my eperiment.


Officially, we are land owners! And still currently debt-free!!!!! We are still discussing our options for what we will be moving into as more and more objections and potential problems come up with our current plan. I am pretty highly stressed, but I am trying to take it easy and relax and pray. Pray for wisdom for us to choose rightly. We have to be out of our house by July 15 officially. I am due on July 26.

New dress! I got one and it. is. cute. I have been wearing it since I bought it basically. Maybe I'll post a picture later of it and my new haircut, although that would mean I'd have to shower and somehow take a picture of myself.....

We tried an apple raisin muesli this morning and it did not go over very well. 2 kids gagged and the rest of us only ate part of what we had in our bowls. Sooo, I think I will try to make some granola bars out of what is leftover. Not sure if it will work or not, but, what's to lose (besides half a $4.29 box of muesli!)? I'll let you know how it turns out.

We took a giant load of stuff to goodwill yesterday and I am so glad to have it out of the house!! We also plan for a BUNCH of large items to be picked up next week and we have another large load for goodwill. Plus I have a bunch of stuff I am wanting to freecycle and 6 or 7 bins of clothes will go to be stored at Nathan's sister's house. I can't wait to be rid of all this stuff. Also, all our dining room furniture belongs to Nathan's dad technically so as long as he still wants it, it will be going away too. Stuff be gone!

Random thoughts and incoherency is the language of my brain these days. Pardon the abrupt shifts of thought please!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Yummy Bread

After taking a bread making hiatus for about 6 months, I finally decided to make some. I wanted to try a new recipe for oatmeal bread but I love this recipe because it is EASY and comes together so quickly. So I used the aforementioned recipe with a few changes. I always use butter instead of shortening in my bread but I changed a few more things this time. I used molasses instead of honey and added about a cup (probably a little more) of leftover oatmeal from breakfast. I also used all whole wheat flour (no white flour) as that is the kind of bread we generally tend to prefer. I just pulled the bread out and had a warm piece with butter. Mmmmmm. I like this so much better than my other whole wheat recipe. I think I am just going to use this recipe as a basic recipe and make all my breads a variation of this super easy dump it in the kitchenaid, watch it mix and knead and let it rise recipe. Definitely a success :) And I definitely want another piece right now.

Good-bye Mortgage!

Just a note to say that we paid off our mortgage on Friday! AMAZING to be debt-free! Also, got a killer haircut and I feel like a new woman. VERY VERY pregnant today but still hoping to get a lot done around the house. I need to be packing since we no longer own the house we are in. We have approximately 27 more days until we need to be out. We would like to be out a bit sooner because thirty days from when we got paid is our anniversary and I would kind of like to enjoy it! Starting to stress a little that the baby might come before we get moved. That would really throw a kink into things. Supposed to close on new property this week. We went over there on Saturday to walk the property and see where we might put our shed and eventual house and think we found a spot we might like. I actually got to go on top of the hill this time and it's really just beautiful. The creek was pretty shallow so we just waded across the easement. I guess that will be our first official project once we own the property--to build up the easement so that we can get across in the vehicle.

Feeling old. I saw a kid with his window painted '09 and was remembering the big '02 on my car when I graduated. 7 years!!!