Friday, June 12, 2009


Officially, we are land owners! And still currently debt-free!!!!! We are still discussing our options for what we will be moving into as more and more objections and potential problems come up with our current plan. I am pretty highly stressed, but I am trying to take it easy and relax and pray. Pray for wisdom for us to choose rightly. We have to be out of our house by July 15 officially. I am due on July 26.

New dress! I got one and it. is. cute. I have been wearing it since I bought it basically. Maybe I'll post a picture later of it and my new haircut, although that would mean I'd have to shower and somehow take a picture of myself.....

We tried an apple raisin muesli this morning and it did not go over very well. 2 kids gagged and the rest of us only ate part of what we had in our bowls. Sooo, I think I will try to make some granola bars out of what is leftover. Not sure if it will work or not, but, what's to lose (besides half a $4.29 box of muesli!)? I'll let you know how it turns out.

We took a giant load of stuff to goodwill yesterday and I am so glad to have it out of the house!! We also plan for a BUNCH of large items to be picked up next week and we have another large load for goodwill. Plus I have a bunch of stuff I am wanting to freecycle and 6 or 7 bins of clothes will go to be stored at Nathan's sister's house. I can't wait to be rid of all this stuff. Also, all our dining room furniture belongs to Nathan's dad technically so as long as he still wants it, it will be going away too. Stuff be gone!

Random thoughts and incoherency is the language of my brain these days. Pardon the abrupt shifts of thought please!


Tiffany said...

How exciting for you guys! I hope that everything works out well for you, and that there are no surprise babies before you get everything settled!

Nathan and Aimee said...

Yes! No surprise babies, please!