Friday, August 28, 2009


My BABY is one MONTH old today!!!! How did this happen?! She is so sweet, and such a good baby and now she is 1/12 of a year old! It's ridiculous I tell ya.

This week

Typical morning... one child naked, one in time out, one sleeping on my chest, and one leaping from couch to couch. Can you guess which is doing what?

Interesting things from this past week include my first time making nut butter (didn't follow this recipe exactly, but still super yummy!), buying fabric and "making" my own moby wrap, kind of setting up my sewing area and proceeding to sew nothing. (I'm totally waiting to get this book), Turning 3 gallons of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce which is in our freezer (we will be getting 10 or so more gallons hopefully!), stretching one gallon of milk since Monday, and only eating out once this week! That was last night and it was pizza and it was GROSS. Today is pay day so we might go out again! And we will be making a trip to the grocery soon as well.

Update: now 2 are naked

We also received our first copy of Countryside and Small Stock Journal this week. We can't put it down! So many good ideas!

Well 2 are screaming now! Gotta go!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back in the swing of things

Hello all! I have been putting off posting until my pictures were all uploaded, but I can't wait any more! Pictures really will come soon(ish)! Things are going well around here as we get to know our new sweet little one. I'm feeling more and more like my old self every day, and I am so relieved to feel inspired and also have the energy to follow through! Current projects include changing my pantry over to all glass from plastic, creating a sewing area (haven't started this yet), and cleaning out the refrigerator and using the food that is about to go bad. Tell me, would you use the organic sour cream that expired August 2? It's unopened and I'm thinking hard about it as long as it doesn't smell bad, or look funny. Suggestions for its use are welcome :) Oh, also, buttermilk that expired 12 days ago. Is that safe? I mean, it's already soured, right? Ditto the SOUR cream.

Moving on... The kids are all adjusting pretty well to life with a new baby Chloe. It also helps that she sleeps like, 20 hours a day. Eight hours at night almost every night since we brought her home. Some nights she'll wake up and nurse, but most of the time if she wakes up and I pull her in the bed with me, she falls asleep before I can even feed her. She reminds me a lot of Lydia that way. I haven't yet made my Moby type wrap, but I need to do it soon. I have wanted it several times already.

We are trying very hard to get back to a healthier eating style after the insanely bad eating we have done for the past couple of months. Me being SO pregnant and only wanting garbage, and now I'm nursing, so I get extra calories right? NO! (Says the woman who had Long John Silver's for lunch yesterday) It's slow going incorporating the healthier foods back in with our garbage, but we are working on it now. And Nathan is experimenting in the kitchen lately, making his own BBQ sauces and after paying $3.19 for taco sauce at the grocery store last night he made taco sauce that's pretty darn close to what we buy. I love that he cooks. While I have been pregnant and recovering he has done so much cooking. I'm hoping that it doesn't stop!

I'll end with a few things I'm loving right now:
Little tiny baby snuggles
little tiny baby yawns and "o" mouths
being able to hug my husband without a baby in my belly (I feel like me again! Well, almost:)
reading stories and playing puzzles with the two oldest
Toby's snuggles and new words every day (but only when HE wants to say something)
and watching Design Star on