Friday, August 28, 2009

This week

Typical morning... one child naked, one in time out, one sleeping on my chest, and one leaping from couch to couch. Can you guess which is doing what?

Interesting things from this past week include my first time making nut butter (didn't follow this recipe exactly, but still super yummy!), buying fabric and "making" my own moby wrap, kind of setting up my sewing area and proceeding to sew nothing. (I'm totally waiting to get this book), Turning 3 gallons of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce which is in our freezer (we will be getting 10 or so more gallons hopefully!), stretching one gallon of milk since Monday, and only eating out once this week! That was last night and it was pizza and it was GROSS. Today is pay day so we might go out again! And we will be making a trip to the grocery soon as well.

Update: now 2 are naked

We also received our first copy of Countryside and Small Stock Journal this week. We can't put it down! So many good ideas!

Well 2 are screaming now! Gotta go!


J. Pike said...

Hmmmm, Chloe sleeping on your chest, Isaiah leaping from couch to couch, Lydia in time out, and Toby naked? And then Lydia naked. Am I close? Haha! Also, I just remembered I saw you called yesterday or the day before and I'm sooo sorry I just hit ignore because I was trying to get Hudson down for a nap and the ring tone was striking his attention and then I never called you back! That was a big run on sentence. Oh well! I can't believe your baby is a month old! Well, I am up in Indiana visiting family until the 14th, but I would like to gave a girls day again sometime soon if you're up for it! TAlk to ya soon. =)

Nathan and Aimee said...

Very close. Lydia was leaping, Isaiah was in time out--everything else was exact :) Definitely yes for girls day and we want to get together and play settlers sometime too. Have a great time with your family!