Wednesday, May 25, 2011

our days

Our days are filling up with checking the gardens, checking on the chickens (!!!), and stargate.(Nathan has been making his way through all 10 seasons for a WHILE now, but the 9th and 10th seasons are pretty good especially since ben browder and claudia black are in them. What can I say? I loved farscape.)

Tonight is our last night of AWANA before summer break. I'm excited for the break.

I hope you guys are all doing great and enjoying spring!

Friday, May 6, 2011

original artwork.... friday?

This is what I ended up making for the wedding gift, along with a basket of a couple of things they registered for and some homemade laundry powder. I think they liked it! I wasn't really pleased with the way the date turned out, but overall I thought it was cute.

I took my inspiration from this at Maybe Matilda. She's got some cute stuff!

We've got a super busy weekend ahead with Derby and Mother's day. Hope your weekend is great!