Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Library and Other Random Stuff

I have rediscovered the library. Lydia and I went yesterday because there was a book that I wanted to check out and I thought we could start making a weekly date with each child individually. I had a lot of errands to run yesterday and Nathan was working from home, so Lydia and I took off to the library. When we were getting our new library cards I discovered that I hadn't had library card in my hometown since 1995! By the way, same librarian. There was some guilt, however, because I currently have 2 books that I checked out under Nathan's name when we were either dating or first married. Either way, they are about 5 years overdue and that's a late charge I can't afford. I will return them, I just can't figure out whether to drop them off in the book drop with money inside the book, or to actually take them inside and be thoroughly honest. Thankfully it's under Nathan's name so I have time to figure it out.

I hosted a pampered chef party last night and we had a lot of fun. My mom rounded up my granny and Aunt Elsie and made them come with her :) It was nice to have a bunch of girls at our house and just get to eat and talk. I still don't know what I am going to get with my hosting benefits, but I need a really good knife, spatula, whisk, pastry blender, and I want the garlic press and this really pretty deep covered baker for cooking whole chickens and such. I will definitely have to narrow my choices down. Another benefit to hosting this party is that my house is clean, still/again. It's been a week or more of cleanliness around here (except when I let the dishes go over the weekend), and Nathan fixed the sink so it no longer leaks! I still have a lot of laundry (always!) and our bedroom is almost un-walk-through-able, but the rest of the house is presentable!

Isaiah is now able to take scraps out to the chickens. This is fan-tas-tic. He has also been Kung Fu-ing all over the house since Christmas. (He got the movie Kung Fu Panda) He is a Kung Fu Master by now and he bows all the time.

In other random news, we have colds. Toby is the worst right now, I'm right behind him, Lydia is getting over hers, Isaiah will probably not ever get it because his immune system is apparently the bomb (wait...are we still allowed to say that...I vaguely remember that being a saying when I was in middle school which was about 10 years ago. I wonder what the new "bomb" is...Let me know if you know so I don't sound like an old fogey.) Poor Toby and his snotty nose and sad little sick eyes. At least he's more snuggly when he's sick which I just love :) Oh and Nathan will probably be orange juicing up and vitamin c dropping so he doesn't get it.

And, I have a confession... I bought bread. I bought hot dog buns for the mini hamburgers we made for the pampered chef party last night (which I am not even counting) and I bought a store made (like by the Kroger bakery) Italian sweet loaf, AND I bought whole wheat bagels. I have missed bread. I haven't made any since I was in Texas. So I broke down at the store yesterday and went crazy. The bagels rock. And I bought doughnuts. Oh dear.
Wow, I had no idea what I was going to write about today, but I just keep going and going....I think I am going to go read my library book now since it is nap time :)

Just a couple of photos from a month or two ago. I rarely ever get them all together!

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Kristin said...

OH man I love that you still even HAVE the books from 5 years ago. Too funny! :) I think the date-with-one-kid thing is a good idea. That will be nice for the kiddos.

Aimee bought bread?!! (shocked face!) I am so surprised. It's ok. We buy tortillas, even though we don't buy bread very often. It just doesn't taste as good as homemade, so it just sits there and gets moldy.

I miss you!