Friday, May 22, 2009

To Do

While waiting for our money from the state we have been trying very hard to find an inexpensive structure that we can live in until our house is built on the new land. Today we are leaning toward one of these (the lofted cabin style). We went to see them this past weekend and they seem to be very sturdy and at least a little better option than a tent. Especially if we tie it down with mobile home straps. We also looked at a different brand at Lowe's which had one with an upstairs, but it didn't seem nearly as sturdy because (we just found out) that the dura-built ones are Mennonite built. They really were a much better product and not at all more expensive.

To do:

pack up all fall and winter clothes

purchase something to pack clothes in

narrow all 3 children's clothing (plus new baby's) into 1 (count 'em 1) dresser

narrow all Nathan's and my clothes into 1 wardrobe/dresser

continue to go through and pull things out for MASSIVE yard sale

get delicious cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera and DON'T SHARE IT

Tell my midwife to take a hike if she mentions my 4 pound in 2 week weight gain again

find inexpensive night stand (maybe go back to Peddler's Mall)

do something fun with kids

go grocery shopping

disappear with my husband for a couple of days

discover an effective way to get my daughter to stop screaming

discover an effective way to get my eldest son to stop whining (all the kids for that matter)

Enjoy this time in my children's lives. They are all at ages that are so special and brief and magical. Toby is blowing kisses all the time now, and his vocabulary is growing day by day. Yesterday he started saying ball in addition to all his other words: mama, dada, saiah, up, bye-bye, night-night, milk (sometimes), more (sign language) and I'm sure much more than I am remembering right now. He is also repeating sounds that he hears other things make such as toys and songs. He seems to be learning to speak in terms of pitch rather than learning how to form the words by watching us speak them. It's very interesting to watch him learn. Also, when I lay him down for his nap, he must turn out the light switch first and then I lay his sweet self down and he just snuggles down and then pulls the covers up around himself. These are all things I want to write down for myself just so I will remember them.

Isaiah just came in and said, "I have a very funny knock knock joke for you. Knock knock"

"who's there?"


"Cuckoo who?"

"Cuckoo you!!!"

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