Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 5

Here's what's up in our corner:

-I'm still keeping the house clean!!! This is bringing such peace to me and making home so much better for us all.

-WE GOT A VITA MIX!!!!! Grinding grain, pulverizing fruit, making sauces.... Good times.

-The first seeds are planted inside for our mondo garden this year.

-House plans are coming slow. We really need to get on the ball with that.

-We're listening to a lot of Laurie Berkner lately. She sings goofy fun kids songs that I'm addicted to.


Paige said...

Yay! I was reading about your house-cleaning efforts. I never realized how much I appreciate a clean sink to come home to! Good stuff!

What's the latest with the farm and the sewage system and all that?

Nathan and Aimee said...

-Paige, I'm guessing you were born organized, right? :) As far as the farm goes, we're searching for our house plans (ones that will be approved) and once we settle on those and turn them in then we can get started with our actual digging and septic. I'm pretty sure that whomever lives on the farm will end up doing their own sewage system whether it be a lagoon or tank. We are anxious to get out there, but it's slow going right now. I could really use some motivation for the stage we're in now which includes a lot of searching and phone calls--NOT my favorite thing. I really can't wait to get out there, though! Aimee

Nathan and Aimee said...

Hey Paige,
Nathan told me my comment might sound rude, and I just wanted you to know that I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, I just meant that you are naturally an organized type of person (which I can totally tell from your blog)-NOT- I guess you were BORN organized. Anyway, hope everything is going well for you. How much longer until you make the trek to KY?

Paige said...

Lol, Aimee. I just saw this comment. Haha, no worries. I didn't even think about your being rude. And yes, in general, I was born organized--but with a procrastination streak.

Well, *fingers crossed* I might have an interview some time in the next few weeks.

Other than that, we'll be arriving sometime during the week before Memorial Day! :-D So excited for you all! Can't wait to be there!