Wednesday, May 5, 2010

here in our corner

Oh wow! I didn't realize I hadn't posted in over a month! It has been a busy month full of discussions and decisions, and covered up in more than 8 inches of rain. The highlights of recent adventures include playing settlers with Daniel and Kristin for hours and good times at Nathan's sister and brother-in-law's annual Derby party. The low-light was when our property flooded and my husband, Daniel, Kristin and Zeke got stuck at a neighbors house for a day and a night. The water came up fast and covered halfway up our camper, covered our tool shed completely (which was holding our appliances until we were to build, not to mention all our power tools and hand tools), and destroyed most of Daniel and Kristin's stuff. Most everything they had was in the hoop house that had about 6 feet of water over it at one point. We found things hanging in trees down the street that belonged to us. I am just grateful that everyone is safe! We have ripped cabinets and carpet out of our camper in hopes of saving the shell, so far it looks as though we got everything ripped out in time for it to dry out and be completely usable. We'll be working on that as we can. No pictures just yet as I wasn't down at the land when the water got so high. I'll bet Kristin has some pictures of it though. If she posts some on her blog I'll link up here so you all can see them.

I need to get ready for the day. We've been spending the past couple of days down at the camper ripping stuff out and the apartment is officially a tee-total mess. I need to work at top speed today!

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