Friday, January 21, 2011

finding beauty

I have been contemplating taking an online art course that starts in february. I love drawing, painting, and such, but can never seem to find... not just the time--- but also the right motivation and inspiration. It is so easy to find the beauty in the ocean, sea, beach, forest, sunsets, etc... but here in pastureland USA, where I have always lived, the beauty sometimes escapes me.

Today I took about 20 minutes to just walk around and look at my surroundings with fresh eyes. While the younger two kids took a nap, and the older two watched a movie, I walked around in the snow and eyed the lay of the land around us, the barn in the distance, the icicles formed on the bushes, the random cat and dog prints in the snow, and began to see the beauty in the immediate surroundings of this new home of ours for which we are so grateful.

I want to remember to see the beauty in the bales of hay, and weed lined fence rows in the comfortable setting of my hometown.

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Decker Digital Design said...

Aimee, PLEASE, PLEASE take that class. You have always been so creative and I dig your art so much. I, too, find it hard at times to find things around me worthy of "art", but that's the challenge. We must strive to find the art around us. To envelope our world with our creativity. It is possible. We just make it so.