Friday, February 17, 2012

flowers for fun

After last weekend, I was worn out with painting! But today the mood struck, so I sketched some flowers and used some brighter colors than I got to use during beach week :) We had a very nice morning outside and are all playing quietly for rest time. (it doesn't always happen that way!)

(Lest you think my life looks idyllic, a mere 30 minutes after these photos were taken I was cleaning vomit up off the kitchen floor.)

In other news, it has been a good week at our house. We have been keeping the house pretty neat, and I have been organizing. Now if I can only keep the momentum up through the weekend! Here's hoping that basketball and fun and church searching don't leave the house in shambles by Monday!


Lindsay said...

Nothing keeps you grounded quite like vomit :) I love your artwork-so talented!

Tiffany said...

Vomit. Sucks.

If you're still looking for a church, check ours out! Faith Church in Danville.