Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Driveway is Golden

We made some killer cookies this week. Isaiah loves the big soft sugar cookies with icing that can be bought at wal-mart and other big stores. We have never bought them, but Isaiah has them in Sunday school just about every other week. So I decided last week that we would make some of our own. All I can say is if you love those kind of cookies, never make them because just knowing the ingredients makes me feel guilty with every bite. There is no redeeming ingredient in these, but they are sooooo good.

Isaiah and Lydia really enjoyed licking the icing beaters and helping me add all the ingredients together. They are going to be great at cooking someday!

And Finally! Here are my Easter cuties all dressed up and upside down! Toby was sleeping but I wanted their picture before they got all dirty.

And here is another one with all my babies plus my niece. Plus the side of my face.

It has been a tiring long week already, but we are on the downward slope now, and tomorrow we get to go see Joel Salatin at Berea College! I am really excited! This will be my first time hearing him and I think it will be a lot of fun.
Some things just make my day better... Last night when I was tucking Isaiah in, we were saying our prayers and got into a discussion about where God is and how do we praise God and why we praise God. Somehow we got on the topic of heaven and I was telling Isaiah about how God made streets out of gold and about the jeweled gates, so then he decided to sing a praise song of his own making which went, "Golden, golden, golden, the driveway is golden..." :)
Our friend Daniel is in town and Nathan went with him and Josh and Terry yesterday to look at land. I think they had a pretty good time and Nathan didn't get home until midnight and then we stayed up until after 1:00 talking, so I am just zonked today. You can probably tell from my incoherent writing and jumping from one thing to another. I think I will go rest while my children jump and scream.

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Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

Oh no I can't see your pictures! :(