Wednesday, April 29, 2009

land, whining, deodorant, and mother's day perks

Well, here I am blogging when I can't even see the surface of the desk in front of me. Do you ever think of holding the garbage can at one end of a surface and sliding every last thing on top of said surface into the can? I have had this image, nay, vision, come to me twice in the past two days, and I am seriously contemplating it....

Currently, we are working out loan stuff for buying our property!!! I won't go into the boring, tedious details, mostly because I have basically handed the reigns over to Nathan. Anything except the occasional phone call (what is it with guys and making phone calls?), I am leaving up to him. I'm not sure if he knows this yet, but he will soon :) We have made an offer, it was accepted, we have signed the offer letter on our current house from the state, so they should be getting started processing our payment. In the next 3-6 weeks we will receive payment for our house and from that day we will have 30 days to get out of our house. Did I mention that the (amazingly beautiful and perfect) land that we are purchasing does not have a house on it? Did I also mention that we might be living in this? We haven't purchased it yet, but it seems like a real temporary housing option for us. There are so many things we still have to consider (like running electricity and water to the property and building a bridge, etc...), but thankfully we don't have to worry about it on our own since we are going to be sharing our land with several other couples. We will be tackling most of the land decisions together and we will be sharing expenses which will help us all out!

I am also pregnant. Very pregnant. I am hoping to somehow dream my current midwife away and never have to go see her again, but every time I think of actually just not going back and calling another midwife for homebirth, I have to ask the question, can I have a homebirth without a home? (or in a camper? or outside?) So, instead, between visits, I badmouth her to Nathan, dreaddreaddread, and then go back with a smile on my face, because, really, this is the best option for the situation we are in. This midwife is much more medically inclined (as opposed to naturally inclined) and basically she just gets on my nerves, but she is a midwife, which means my choices get heard a little more and some of the things I really want/don't want for this birth will go my way barring some great emergency. We are still hoping to go home as quickly as possible after the birth and my other children will likely be split up among the relatives for a few days, so even in a camper we should have a lovely time with our newest.

In armpit news, I was hoping to have discovered the best possible way to apply baking soda to the pits, as currently there is much baking soda falling into the garbage can or toilet depending over which I am standing when applying my deodorant of choice. I got the arm and hammer fridge pack, which you peel the sides of the box off to reveal a thin material through which the stinky fridge odors can be sucked into the baking soda. and I was hoping to just peel one side off and kind of pat that in my armpit with the same results as rubbing it in with my hands, but I am afraid that will not work because no soda can actually get through the side of that thing. I wonder if perhaps I poked a few tiny holes in the side if it would work then, but basically it would be just as messy as before.... I'll have to see if just rubbing it without the actual soda coming out will deodorize as well as the other method before I start poking holes anywhere.

I bought some material to make a ring sling a week or two ago, but I have since decided that I want a moby style wrap. Since I have the material already, I will probably go ahead and make the ring sling, but I am super excited about the moby wrap too. I think I will probably make my own, to custom fit, rather than buying one, but it would probably be cheaper just to buy one. Still debating. It will really just depend on whether or not I can find the kind of fabric I need at a reasonable (by reasonable I mean insanely cheap) price or not. I think I may be taking a mother's day trip to JoAnn's fabrics and Starbucks. We shall see.... The first of the mother's day purchases came last night at Wal-Mart where I got 24 brand new permanent markers. (There are 36 in the photo so some of those colors aren't included in my fabulous set.) They are going to be my new medium for a while. I did a lot with paint for a really long time, and had my bouts with decoupage and scrapbooking, pencil and pen, but now we enter the marker phase. Really, I could not have been more excited to get another craft supply. If you only knew the places the craft supplies are tucked in this house you would be amazed. Who knows where it will all go in the camper! I am going to have to learn about how to work with markers to get the results I want. I played with all my new colors last night while we watched X-Men last night. I actually kind of like those movies so I don't really mind that Nathan bought the 3 dvd set last night and will be having 3 consecutive nights of x-men viewing.

Enough random blathering! I need to watch the Biggest Loser! I forgot it is Wednesday! You know, right after I clean off the desk. And eat something besides week old chocolate chip cookies for lunch.

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