Monday, February 7, 2011

It is quiet in my house right now. shhhh.... enjoy this silent moment with me.

Nathan and I planned our garden this weekend (we even have a binder now) and built two garden boxes. The warmer weather has gotten us all excited for spring! We are planning on getting chickens in may, probably between 50 and 100 meat birds, plus some egg layers, and probably a lamb and a couple of pigs. I am so ready!! We are planning a little comapnion planting this year, including a few flowers known to help ward off the bad buggies or make your food taste better. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures of the garden and any good tips we learn this year. I just need to talk Nathan into a better camera (i.e one that works properly!).

Do you garden? Do you know how to grow your own food? We feel like this was a part of our education that was sorely lacking. It would be nice not to wonder which plants to plant together or to know how many times to replant. There are so many garden kinks we could have worked out in the 27 years up to now.... ah, well, it's never too late to learn!

The quiet is no more... which means I have kiddos to take care of!


Decker Digital Design said...

I am actually pretty darn good at gardening, it's that Moss in me. I can't wait til you get all the critters! I am coming to play. But riddle me this, where will you keep the wildlife?

Nathan and Aimee said...

Well we have movable pens for the chickens that will go in our back yard/side yard, and we have about half an acre that's already fenced and another half an acre that will be fenced soon. This house came with enough land to keep all the critters that we want!