Thursday, February 24, 2011

original artwork thursday

Couldn't get my camera to cooperate, so here is a banana from a while back to satisfy your crafty cravings. I'll post more current pics next time (hopefully!).

Interesting facts about bananas and my family:

1. when I was pregnant with Isaiah, bananas made me gag.

2. I didn't feed Isaiah baby food bananas because I was pregnant with Lydia and bananas made me gag.

3. Lydia eats bananas, Toby eats bananas, and Chloe eats about 2 bananas a day, but Isaiah won't eat one even if it's covered in chocolate chips.

4. We buy about 3 bunches of bananas a week.

5. Because of leg cramps I had to learn to eat bananas when I was pregnant with toby and chloe, and ate one almost every day cut up with pears (toby) or blackberries (chloe) and walnuts, with vanilla yogurt.

6. there are about 26 carbs in a banana.

7. That's probably more about bananas and me than you wanted to know!

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