Monday, March 23, 2009

Lydia's 3rd Birthday!

What a fun day yesterday! Lydia's birthday was yesterday and we had so much fun! We got up and I fixed birthday pancakes (a birthday tradition in our house), so we all had a good breakfast. While I was fixing the pancakes, I gave Toby a bath in the sink because he peed out of his diaper. It was a very fast bath. Then I started getting the kids ready. Lydia got a special birthday dress from Nannie that is pink tulle and very, very girly with a matching head band. She LOVED it and wore it to church. I can't wait to get all my pictures on here. We skipped Sunday school and took our time with birthday presents and pancakes and getting ready. We headed out to church and got there a little early, so after we dropped the kids off in the nursery we decided we wanted to buy a BBC Choir cd, but we had no cash or checks. So we took a walk down the street to the bank to the ATM. We walked all the way around and there was no hole in the wall, so we almost gave up but right across from the bank was another bank (actually another bank of the same name..I was confused) and we found the machine there. It was beautiful weather and so nice to be out and walking in it. We went back to church and bought the cd and got in a seat just in time for church. It got so warm by the end of the service I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I hate that I was more concentrated on staying awake than I was on the sermon and reflecting. As we were picking the kids up from the nursery, I saw a girl that I met at Peacecraft a couple of weeks ago and she was waiting to give me some handmade cloth napkins! I couldn't believe that she not only had remembered our conversation but had hand crafted a gift for an almost stranger. It was just so sweet of her! So now I have 16 lovely cloth napkins! I am still kind of shocked that a person I just met would do that for me. Oh, I'll just have to get some pictures on here!

After church we took the kids to McDonald's, otherwise referred to as "the garbage place", but it was Lydia's birthday and they played in the play place for 30 minutes after we ate and it was fun. The kids had so much fun just getting to climb and slide and we got to kind of just sit back and let them go. Not as much as some of the other parents there (Nathan removed a stranger's child from the top of a table before she leapt off), but really it was a pretty relaxing way to let the kids get some energy out. We headed home to take a nap with only minor complaints of wanting to stay.

At about 5:00 we headed out to a surprise birthday party for Josh at Jordan and Kim's (and Josh and Jamie's for now). We had so much fun just getting to hang out with friends! I hope we can all get together again:) And there was some awesome Pike Valley chicken salad there. This pregnant lady was very happy. The kids loved playing in the rocks and sticks with all the other little ones. We had to really keep an eye on Toby and mostly Nathan and I just had to hold him so he wouldn't eat the sticks and rocks, or climb on top of tiny babies. We just had a really good time visiting. I also got a midwife's number from Kim and I am thinking about giving her a call. She does home birth for the same price as our co-pay would be for having a baby at the hospital. Actually it might even be a little less expensive. I'm still a little wishy-washy on making that decision, but maybe I'll at least call her and see.

We are supposed to hear back from the offer we made today. I hope they will at least counter our offer. It was very low, but they said "offers encouraged!" I'll let you know what happens! Oh, and here is the house we made the offer on. Just thought you might want to see it!

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Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

how sweet about the napkins!! :) And call me when you hear about the offer.... :)