Friday, March 6, 2009


Good morning! I think spring is here!!! Nathan says it's supposed to get cold again, but I am refusing to believe that and today it's almost 60! The sunlight is streaming in through our living room window because our blind broke last night. We had to rig up a curtain rod and the kids threw open the curtains first thing. Also, I am eating ice cream for breakfast this morning. Leftover baskin robbins reese's cup sundae from last night. Yes, I believe it's going to be a good day.

I have to clean clean clean today for the party on Sunday. Yuck. And I have to do it without the help of videos because the kids attitudes are going downhill since we started renting more videos from the library. They are just watching too much stuff and it's affecting their behavior. All the videos are age appropriate, but just watching more makes them crazy!

Someone encourage me! I'm getting unmotivated to clean already!

In sad sad news, Nathan put Dakota down on Tuesday. She was laboring to breathe and just really really sick and hurt. We are so sad that it had to end that way. If only she could have made it a few more months we would have let her run free on our new farm and she could have died happily in the woods in a tangle with a bear..... We will miss her. I keep checking out the kitchen and bathroom windows for her, but she's not there.

More upbeat now! Last night my mom took Isaiah and Lydia for a few hours. (And cousin Ella went too.) We just chilled with Toby and then went out for ice cream. I obviously couldn't finish mine :) The kids came back with a slew of stuff from wal-mart. Isaiah got Spidermanned out with a hat, shoes, a t-shirt, and umbrella. Yes, an umbrella. Lydia chose a pretty dress, canvas shoes, and an Easter hat and purse. They are wearing most of what they got last night. Oh and Mom brought Toby a light up spiderman jacket. They also got to eat at McDonald's with Pop and Nannie and cousin Ella and get ice cream. It was a big night for them.

Also, we ordered our seeds for the garden. We placed an order with Heirloom Acres and Seed Savers. We went a little overboard in my opinion, but Nathan says we are going to become awesome gardeners and have a ton of food. Then we will save all our heirloom seeds and re-plant next year, and never have to order seeds again. We also ordered pretty flowers for me even though I am notorious for killing everything except mums. We got zinnias, verbena, and 3 kinds of sunflowers. I just couldn't resist these. We are going to have a garden just for sunflowers, and I plan to have a vase of flowers on my table until November. Super excited about the zinnias too.

Alright. I have procrastinated long enough. Must. Go. Clean.

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Tiffany said...

Sorry about Dakota. I know how hard that can be. Have fun with the seeds...I think we're just going to stick to buying plants this year because it's our first year!