Tuesday, April 19, 2011

remedy this

To those of you who read and are, shall we say.... more natural? I have a question. How do you treat your children for sicknesses, from mild to medium (anything serious and I'm headed to the ER!)?

Lately we have been trying to use a more natural approach for medication which, so far, has included waiting for a bit to see if it will go away and drinking herbal teas and lots of orange juice. Recently it seems Isaiah has been congested for far too long and I am searching for a possible sinus infection cure. I have been putting grapefruit seed extract in his orange juice every day for about 5 days now and am really hoping to see a discernible difference. So far, it might have helped a little. I would like to get this little kid feeling better, so I'm open to any and all natural suggestions.

Of course nothing I say about this should be misconstrued as medical advice:)


Emily said...

I like eucalyptus tea for congestion. lemon grass soup breaks up stuffy nose- but it's really hard to get kids to eat it (breathe it in maybe...). Feel better soon!

Vicky said...

Lots of Vitamin C and a steamy room might help. Hope he feels better soon. x