Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what I found

I once mentioned that we had gotten a record player and that I was so excited about it. The search began for some good records. Or should I say albums? Every time I go to goodwill or a thrift store I look through all the records I can find, and up to this point have found only a few 33s that were worth the 50 cents I paid for them. This past Saturday, though, I found some beauties in protective covers. The lady checking me out said that someone must have died for me to find such good stuff! I surely hope not. First of all, JOURNEY. These were $10 or more on etsy and I got it for 50 cents Chicago! A little brass makes me happy. I play the trumpet, you know. Well, I can still play a little.
My mom loves Jackson Browne.

Mostly I know of foghat because of the movie Dazed and Confused which I watched about a hundred times in high school.

And another Journey!!! Before the ceremony at our wedding we played a little journey, along with some other classics.
Plus a Jimmy Buffet for my sweet husband.
Besides the records I found a stack of fabric squares. Some cute, some not so much.

And an emersion blender! It will be a handy tool whenever we start making our own soap. Eventually.

Grand total: $7.50

It was a good day at goodwill.

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Annika said...

Yay for 80s rock! Will you have a dance party in celebration?