Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacation Recap

These are some pictures of us at one of my very favorite restaurants. I could seriously eat their wings every day of the week. Amazing awesomeness.

Nathan cooperating for a picture for once!

Chloe digging the ice out of my cup Toby slept the entire time there
Isaiah and Lydia for the one moment they weren't asking if we could play pool on the pool table :)

Now for the recap:

  • We ate. Lots of yummy high carb foods.

  • We laid around.

  • Nathan fixed the tiller (it used to be his grandfather's) This sounds boring, but it was so exciting that for about $6 plus a lot of elbow grease we now have a working tiller! The area for our corn has been tilled up. Pictures will come in the next garden update.

  • We played outside and did very little housework.

  • We visited Nathan's grandmother twice. Prayers for her would be appreciated.

  • Nathan fixed the shelf in my pantry so canned goods aren't all over the kitchen anymore!

  • We went to church and had a great time in Sunday school yesterday. We are currently discussing which way our class should go next--what we should focus on and study. Next week everyone is supposed to come back with ideas and suggestions. I'm really excited to see where this goes. I'm thinking of offering sustainable living/frugal workshops over the summer. I was thinking we could do making your own laundry detergent, bread making, chicken butchering, chicken tractor building (Nathan's idea), canning and preserving (although I'm a real novice at this!) Any suggestions or other ideas to add to this? We aren't really sure we will have any response at all, but I'm hoping others will be interested in some of these things.

  • Everyone got new shoes EXCEPT ME!! What the heck?! I am really wanting these awesome shoes or a pair of birkenstocks. What do you think?

  • I had so much fun spending time away from the blog this week, but I'm also glad to be back with lots of new things to share with you!


Jamie said...

Glad you're back too! I love love the color of the sandals, and they're cute. Suggestion: Get vibram five finger shoes with Kristin and I!? They are supposed to help your feet and claim to be really comfy. We haven't gotten them yet, but we measured our feet the other day to get sized. Expensive tho. Hoping it will be worth it. Oh, and what is the wing place you were at?

Vicky said...

Sounds like you had a great time.
Glad your back.

Kristin said...

Love the pic of toby asleep! So cute!

I'm glad you had a good "staycation"!

Those sandals are lovely! Looks like Jamie already mentioned it, but im hoping to get new shoes soon too!

love you!

Nathan and Aimee said...

the wings are from madison garden in richmond. THE BEST!

affectioknit said...

Fun! look at that sweet sleeping babe...