Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Gift Inspiration

I was checking out a new website I happened upon today on another blog. It is a site for buying and selling homemade crafts! So cool. I saw some really awesome crocheted things that I am thinking about making for the kids for Christmas. They seemed to think the pictures were cool and asked if we could get them, so if I have the skill, they may get homemade gifts this year. They are selling the patterns, which I am thinking about buying, but the doctor kit is only $18 dollars and after buying the pattern for $4 and all the different colors of yarn, I am thinking about just buying the crocheted doctor kit pre-made. It would be cool to have that pattern, though to make gifts.

The ice cream scoops are removable and can be crocheted in any color (obviously).

I think the kids would especially like the doctor's kit. They are starting to get into playing doctor.

I am trying to think of different ways to incorporate more natural materials into the kids toys, and this is one way. We also got them the cutest SIGG water bottles for their stockings this year and we are throwing out all the plastic cups. Fewer cups to wash, better for the kids. :)
In other news, I can't keep Toby out of the toilet. Since all my kids are constantly using the bathroom, Toby just follows them in and proceeds to splash until I catch him. It's usually not too long before I catch him, and he's not yet put the toilet water in his mouth, but GROSS. We have been taking extra precaution to have everyone put the lid down and shut the bathroom door and he still managed to get to the water twice yesterday. Today he got close but I caught him first. He was racing me to the toilet and I won this time.
Lydia is rocking her baby right now and I just want to pick her up and snuggle her! I thought about trying to make Lydia a baby for Christmas...I just might do it.
I have to learn to crochet in the round before I start making all these gifts, so I have been brushing up with YouTube videos. I really think I can do it!

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Kristin said...

You can do it! Yay homemade toys. Those patterns are so cute!