Friday, November 28, 2008

No More Cooking!

Well, we did it! We cooked for Thanksgiving successfully! I got so many compliments on the bread I made, which I decided to make at the last minute. It was rising as I was driving over to Nathan's sister's house. It was a nice day full of family and FOOD. We have enough leftovers to make it through the week without having to cook at all. We will probably re-purpose some pork though. We made an entire Boston butt to have in addition to the two turkeys the others cooked and we still have about 90 percent of that left. Any ideas for shredded pork? We will probably do some barbecue and Mexican with it later in the week, but right now our stomachs are too sensitive. Nathan and Isaiah woke up throwing up on Wednesday, and today Toby and I have a touch of the tummy troubles (no puking, but you know...) I guess Lydia got off the hook this time. She keeps a cold weeks longer than the boys though, so I guess it's her turn to be well. I'm just glad we're getting it all out of our systems and getting all better before Nathan and I head to Texas in January. We have to be really healthy there so we won't make Ezekiel sick. We are really starting to get amped up about our trip! We can't wait to see Daniel and Kristin and to finally meet baby Zeke. And it will be the first time we have had that much time together without the kids. We love road trips, you know, minus the roads and traffic... At least we are getting better at travelling together. We still get lost all the time, but we are learning not to get mad when that happens. We were driving to a house in Hustonville (about 40 minutes from where we live) ---with a map--- and we still had to stop at the gas station and ask for directions. It's okay. We are directionally challenged, although Nathan would say he's not as bad as me. (I would agree.)

Yes, I got up this morning at 4:30 and was at Wal-Mart at 5:00 to get a few things for Christmas. I only ended up getting a few things because It. Was. Crazy. I had to park across the street. The Wal-Mart parking lot couldn't contain the (crazy) people that were there. I couldn't find most of the things I was looking for, so I got what I could find and hightailed it outta there. I was home by 6:15. I guess it was worth it because we got a pretty nice printer for $30. Whatever, I just don't know if I'll ever do it again.

Also, I have been trying to learn how to read a crochet pattern, and I feel like a complete moron! I thought I knew how to crochet, but apparently I knew only the very basics. I'm learning, though. Today I learned about increasing and decreasing stitches, and I am kind of learning about crocheting in the round. I think before I tackle all the hard projects I am going to try for Christmas, I am going to try crocheting a simple ball. I found a good video on YouTube that gives very clear instruction on making this ball and it would be good practice for increasing, decreasing, and crocheting in the round. Ooh, and we are going to make the presents for my parents this year. I can't decide what to make. We will probably do some pictures of the kids with some crafts by the kids mixed with a few hand made things from Nathan and me. Did you know Nathan is the sewing machine master. I think it's because it's a machine. He can just figure anything out. I can push the pedal and get the top thread on, but he has to fix the bobbin for me every time and if there is ever a problem I just hand it off to him. He's so good.

Now, I need a nap. 4:30 is way to early for me.

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Anonymous said...

I am really BAD with directions too. You shouldn't leave me in a mall. (well, I would find the entrance, 30 min later). But the last time I got lost driving to my pastor's house. I've been there many times already. But it was night and I passed their house. Finally I found it. My sister just shook her head when I was telling her about it. Lol/