Monday, November 17, 2008

Isaiah's Birthday = Success

Happy Birthday, Isaiah! What a good day we had today and yesterday! Isaiah's party was big-time fun. Bunches of family came to the party and even though 4 of his cousins couldn't make it because of illness there were still plenty of kids to play with. There were balloons and streamers, cake, and lots and lots of presents. I asked Isaiah what his favorite part of his birthday was and he said, "Owen and Jerome. And PRESENTS!" (Jerome is Nathan's sister Trina's husband and Owen and Samantha's dad. I keep Owen and Samantha 3 days a week.) Isaiah chose to have a "Ben 10" party. Ben 10 is this cartoon that he sometimes gets to watch with Nathan. It is about a boy who turns into all different kinds of aliens. So Isaiah got a whole bunch of new Ben 10 figures, some cars and a car case, some Moon Sand (BOO! So messy. But very very fun, too!), some pants, a new set of Spiderman sheets and Spiderman blanket, money, and some new games. That is our new thing these days--We have been playing lots of games. We already had Chutes and Ladders, and Isaiah just got Candy Land, Memory, and Crazy Eights. We played Memory a lot today. Lydia just flips the same two cards over every time and says, "I got a match!" even though it doesn't match... Isaiah gets Memory and Candy Land very well, but HATES to lose. We are trying to teach him to be a good sport, but every time he loses he's furious and every time he wins he gloats. Ah, well, in good time... But the party was great! No meltdowns, Isaiah was very patient and well-behaved, he said his thank yous and gave hugs all around. I can't believe how big he is!

This week is also break-Toby-from-his-middle-of-the-night-feeding week. NOT FUN. He was up for about 2 1/2, maybe 3 hours last night--from 2:30 until the roosters crowed (Literally..until Henry crowed at about 5:00AM)...Maybe tonight will be easier. I am so ready to sleep all night, or at least without a baby in the middle of the bed. The other night I practically slept on the night stand. No more!

Today, Lydia got shut out of the playroom and wanted in. I told Isaiah and Owen to let her in, but after that I heard, "Lydia, say ding-dong!" in hushed voices. So, Lydia said, "Ding-dong." in a sad little voice. Then the response, "Who is it?" Lydia said,"ME!" and then was let into the playroom by the boys. Oh, they make me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Isaiah! When you are that young, birthdays are happy events. And that's good.
Thank you for the congratulations.
I like "Be Thou Near Me" too. Especially the chorus part. Check out "Bless The Broken Road" too.