Friday, November 7, 2008


What a long, routine week. We did the same old stuff all week long. Laundry, dishes, playing, discipline, eating, sleeping (a little....Toby is teething.). I'm glad the weekend is here just to shake up the routine a little bit. We did at least go to my parent's for supper last night. That was fun!

We ordered new books this week! I can't wait until they get here! I chose Home Comforts, a book about the lost art of keeping house. Just what I need! We also ordered The Foxfire Book, the first in a series of many, and Nathan chose Ideas Have Consequences. Hooray! I can finally take a break from The Encyclopedia of Country Living (which I will probably never finish--who needs to? It is the ultimate homesteading resource! If I ever need to look something up, but don't have access to the internet I check that book and so far I have found what I wanted to know every time. Of course most everything I was looking up was related to simple living.)

We changed our phone/internet/tv plan last month because our bill just kept getting higher and higher. Last month it was $114! For the amount we use it that is just outrageous! So we switched to the "greenstreak" with windstream, where we pay less for higher speed internet, we don't pay for phone at all and we get to keep our phone number. People can call us and it's free, and we can call 800 numbers and 911 for free. We have to pay 10 cents a minute for local calls if we make them and we can't make long distance or collect calls at all, but we just use our cell phones and most of the time people call us back. And we also (finally!) got rid of our dish. We had it down to a $10 a month plan (which was actually $15 a month), but we never watched it. We mailed back our receiver and remotes and something Nathan had to get off our dish on the roof and now we're free! No more dish! They cannot talk me into more tv again! So all this to say, our bill was only $16 this month! It will be around $35 next month, but we had prepaid for the dish service and didn't use it so we got a credit! An extra $100 this month!

Wow, my blog is boring today. This has been my life this week, and I love it!


Kristin said...

OOhhh I really want to start buying the foxfire series. I've seen them at the bookstore and they look fabulous!

J. Pike said...

We have the same phone/internet plan and it is awesome! This blog makes me want to go to a bookstore and drink hot Starbucks. Mmmmm. =)

J. Pike said...

Thank you very much! =) I LOVE taking pictures and just got a new camera, so if you want any of your family I will do them for you on the farm some time! I'm not charging anyone right now, just trying to get practice and build up a portfolio. I'd like to make it my own business one day. I'm free most weekends if you guys are down. =)

J. Pike said...

thx! we have had him (cane) since Earth Day of this year, which is April 22nd. hehe. he just wandered onto our front porch while i was sitting outside and jumped into my lap! he was shaking and hungry and oh-so sweet! he had no collar on so i waited a few days before we decided to keep him. love him to death! although he's been getting into trouble lately because i'm trying to train him to stay OFF the couches! that's normally where he sleeps and naps, but i'm sick of all the hair getting on us when we sit down. i made him his own pillow and blanket spot, but sometimes at night he's been sneaky. anyway, this is really long, but i love my puppy! =)