Friday, October 24, 2008


I was dressing Toby tonight and I chose this warm, comfortable, cozy outfit that Isaiah used to wear. It turns out that it is a Colts outfit. Who knew? SO whan your little one gets big enough, Jamie, this outift is for you. (I actually looked up the Colts on Wikipedia to make sure that this was their symbol... Nathan and I don't watch a lot of sports:)


J. Pike said...

LOL! This is so cute! Awww, I feel so special you made a post just for us and our little guy! This is a really cute pic of Toby...he looks cozy! Go Colts! Yay! =)

J. Pike said...

I got your message about the eggs, you're so sweet! Just hold on to them for now, we have some layers that should be getting old enough here pretty soon...assuming they survive the weather and the predators. Also, I had Josh check on the milk and there is not enough. We're still waiting for the other cow to give birth, so for now it's just the one and she isn't giving a whole lot. I'm sorry we don't have more! I wish we did.

J. Pike said...

I'm just leaving all my comments for you on your most recent! Um, no, I didn't know he was against homeschooling! I will have to look into that. To be honest, I think that whether he gets my vote or not, he will win. My dad even said he's not voting because he feels like the numbers are so high FOR Obama that his wouldn't matter. He's a silly man, but I love him! That's just silly. Why would anyone be against that? It's such a good thing! Hmmmmm...I have to go look it up now. Thanks!