Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Granola Bar of My Very Own

As a mother of three kids 3 and under, very few things in this house are truly my very own. All the kids like to eat and drink what's on my plate or in my glass. Toby thinks our bed belongs to him--not just any part of the bed--the prime center of the bed. Three feet of it. How can one so small take up so much room? He has been sleeping better though now that he has cut some of his teeth, but he usually ends up in the bed around 5:00. (Last night it was 3:00) I have to share the computer with Nathan when he works from home 2 days a week, but I really don't mind that so much because he gets to be home all day. I always have to share my seat, my lap, even my clothes! Isaiah and Lydia wear my shoes around and Toby loves to roll around with my bra around his head. I attribute that to the breastfeeding. The point being that we share LOTS of things. Except one thing. I DO NOT share my free samples. Yes, I know I'm a loser for ordering free samples, but I do almost weekly. Some of them are hair products, face wash, diapers(I do share those:)...I have a small bucket under the sink in the back bathroom full of goodies (mostly useless). However, occasionally, there is a free food sample, usually a cereal in the tiny one serving size boxes. Or, one time I got some of those little flavor things you put in your water bottle to make it fruit punch, or green tea, or some other beverage. This time I got a granola bar. A really yummy, all natural, full sized Quaker Simple Harvest granola bar. I ate the whole thing by myself. I did not share it even though I was asked repeatedly by my eldest for a bite, and as he persuasively told me it was his favorite (although he has never had one of these particular granola bars) I was tempted to give him a bite, but just decided not to. I felt a little bit selfish/guilty, but it was really yummy and it was mine. Now you know my secret--Hands off the granola bar!


Kristin said...

Good for you! You need something all to yourself. :)

J. Pike said...

Yeah, good job! The little girl I nanny for is always asking me for my food and I say no most of the time. "this is Jamie's food, you eat Grace's food." She usually doesn't ask anymore. I've got her trained. It's pretty sweet. I think kids just naturally want what mommy or daddy has...because grown ups are so cool! lol.