Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laundry. AAAHH!

Why, oh, why do we have this many clothes? Five people times four seasons makes for a lot of clothes I know, but really? Mountains upon mountains of clothes? For what purpose? I know we all need a couple of pairs of jeans, but does everyone need their own dresser full--each season? As you can tell it is now full on fall here and the shorts are being put away until next year. I dread the changing of the clothes every season, but the big changes happen when it's too cold for short sleeves and too hot for pants. We have now reached the too cold for short sleeves time of year so each child's wardrobe has to be almost completely changed out. I am so thankful for all the hand-me-downs the kids get from their cousins because they save us all kinds of money, but they do sometimes make it a bit more difficult to separate the kids clothes out. For instance, we get a lot of clothes from Hanah and Ella, two of our cousins who were born in September. Lydia was born in March. Warm clothes are off in size by about 6 months. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of overlapping in sizes to more than adequately dress my little girl, but there is a lot of weeding through. Every season. Also, some of the clothes we get from Samantha are from 9 years ago, so you know how fashionable some of them are. (I really hope I don't sound ungrateful or complain-y, but I am just trying to show you that it's not an easy job.) On the bright side, it gets easier as they get older and boys clothes are easier (and fewer!) than girls. So, what's the excuse for the adults in the house? We have too many clothes that no longer fit, or that fit but we don't wear, or that we wouldn't wear if we only had a few clothes that we really love and really fit. Instead of having a few clothes that we love and are really well made, we buy cheap clothes that we have to replace often. Or people buy them for us. Have you ever tried to get rid of a brand new really cute shirt that doesn't fit? Or even a brand new ugly shirt that fits? It took me three years to get rid of a brand new really cute shirt that my granny got for me. It never fit. I still have a pair of pants more than one size too small, just waiting for the day I see my pre-pregnancies weight. At least Nathan and I don't change our wardrobes out every season, as we aren't continually growing like the kids are. We just cram everything into our closet and two dressers. And a little in the kids closet. And a lot more in the laundry room. If it's all clean at the same time (It has been, about twice:) all our clothes so do not fit.

My dining room table covered in clean clothes.

The kitchen counter ALSO covered in clean clothes. Note that this is in addition to the clothes on the table--not before and after. Plus there are clean clothes all over the couch, and about 4 more dirty loads to do. Maybe five.

And all our closets and dressers are full.

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