Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the grass has somewhat greened up since the rain last week. We went to church and ate lunch out because the only meat in our house is tuna which we saved for supper. There have been too many meatless meals in our house lately. I can't wait until we have a deep freezer full of our own beef! Maybe next tax return...

We got a new homes book to look through and found a few new properties that we might take a look at, but it's really hard to make a decision. We still don't know how much the state is going to give us for the house, and we don't know if we should just buy as much land as possible in the middle of nowhere (because that's where all the land is) or to settle for less than we need to be closer to friends and family. I keep daydreaming about building our own cabin in the woods with all the animals we want and enough room to grow all their grain and ours. All our vegetables, meat, dairy, fresh from our own land and all the resources to make whatever we need. I can't wait to open the front door and send the kids out without the highway being right there. That will be so nice just to let them go outside while I fix supper or wash dishes.

Speaking of the kids... just look at how sweet they are! The one at the well at camp is for Daniel and Kristin. I MISS the water from camp!

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