Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Maze

We have had such a busy weekend (for us). I worked until 4 on Saturday and as soon as I got off I came home and showered and Nathan and I went out to do something cool and new. Without the kids! We met a couple of friends that Nathan knows from work in Lexington to go to a corn maze. Take a look at the coolness of this maze. We had fun getting lost and finding our way out. We had a little map to help us find our way around. It was really neat to be up in the letters at the top of the maze. We could actually tell when we were in the "A". After that we got some cider and a funnel cake and had a pretty good night out without the kids.

Today we went to church and ended up keeping the 4 year old class during the service. That was the first time we ever had that class and it was pretty fun. The kids were old enough to play short games and actually pay attention. It wasn't just crazy running around for an hour. After church we had lunch at Nathan's sister Rachel's house. The cousins all had fun playing together since it had been a few weeks since they were all together. I love Nathan's sisters. Also, Nathan's mom was there today and it was nice to see her.

This much excitement in one weekend is almost too much for us to handle. I'm really tired!

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Kristin said...

That is a sweet maze! How fun! I'm totally jealous of your festive fall activities.