Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh how much would I pay someone to do all my vaccine research for me... I guess part of me sort of, kind of, maybe believes in vaccines a little bit. After all, I was vaccinated. I was not, however vaccinated for chicken pox, and I suffered with those for -gasp- a whole week. Many times I sit down at the computer just checking email and I end up there for an hour reading about the horrors of vaccination.

We have decide not to have Toby vaccinated for many reasons, but I was struggling with getting religious exemption because I wasn't sure if our reasons were religious (whatever that means). Then yesterday I found a website that shows how aborted babies were used to create some of the vaccines. Every time I read something good about vaccines it is countered by something 10 times more horrible than the good. Also, I struggle with being mandated by the government to inject my kids with anything. I believe that as parents we should have full disclosure on the substances (food, medicine, etc..) that are entering our children because I am the one who has to answer for the way they are raised, their health and character until they are old enough to answer for themselves. Isaiah and Lydia were vaccinated on "schedule" but I really had no idea what I was doing or anything about non-medical health at that point (besides breastfeeding and lots of fruits and veggies). That was before our great friends Daniel and Kristin gave us a wonderful gift of chickens, and pen and food thus changing our diets and palates forever. I do know that our kids will probably not get any more vaccines unless I find some amazingly compelling evidence that it is unbelievably healthy and ethical. (I cannot get "Let's get Ethical" from The Office out of my brain!) Which means probably never. Lots of probablys. As you can see, I really don't want to mess my kids up, and I fear I already may have in so many ways. We just have to prayerfully consider our options and believe that whatever the Lord tells us to do is the best thing to do. Of course what He tells us to do is best, I could just use a much louder instruction sometimes. OR maybe I should become a better listener.

On a side note, I am just so grateful for my husband and children and the lifestyle we are striving for. God certainly has a direction for me that sometimes I couldn't/can't figure out, but, oh, how much better He knows than me.

I was telling Isaiah the other day, "I told you once and you didn't listen, so now you are gonna have to figure it out yourself!" And I had a thankful thought to Jesus for not being like me! How patient He is with me.


Kristin said...

Vaccines! Researching them is on my to-do list for tomorrow morning! They just called us yesterday to tell us they were starting Ezie's vaccines, and we told them no. We asked for a list of all the vaccines they would have started so that I can research them. Tomorrow we are having a meeting with the docs to talk about Ezekiel, and one of the topics is vaccination.... sigh. I;m a little intimidated to try to explain to the docs why we don't want to vaccinate! And I'm not positive that I don't want all of them, I just know I don't want most of them.
It's funny that we are both thinkin about the same things!!

J. Pike said...

Yay! I am a follower of yours now! Be my second person to follow me! Kristin is the official first. I guess it's a new thing, and since I just joined I'm "in the know" about this particular gadget. Glad you have it too.

I'm sorry, but it is illegal in the state of Kentucky to sell raw milk. We do, however, have pet food available if you'd like to purchase that;) I actually don't know how much supply we have but I will surely ask for you!! =) As far as the cider goes, I will check on that, again. If we make it this weekend, it will only be another 5 gallons and we divvy it up between the family. If I get motivated enough, and there are enough apples, maybe I'll make a seasonal business out of it!

Are all of your chickens processed for the season? How many do you guys keep?

Nathan and Aimee said...

Kristin--As I find out new stuff I'll try to post links. I've still got so much to learn. Good luck at your doctor meeting tomorrow.

Jamie--Yea! this blog thing is so much fun. Let me know about the pet food. We have about 14 chickens right now, 3 roosters and 11 hens. Most all the hens are laying now but we only get about 5 eggs a day because 5 of them JUST started laying. This spring we hope to have enough to sell the extras. We think we're done killing this winter, but if we get hungry for chicken we have a couple extra roosters...