Thursday, March 10, 2011

garden beginnings

This fence area is where we will attempt to grow pumpkins and watermelons this year.

This rocked off area will hopefully become a flower garden. I want to be able to cut flowers and bring them in all summer. We will have zinnias, gladiolas were here when we moved in, and about 20 other varieties that I can't remember right now. (the littlest pet shops and my little ponies will probably be removed prior to planting.)

This used to have huge ugly bushes in it, but it will become a square foot garden for most of our lettuces and broccoli, and other veggies that might need some shade.

And these will also be square foot gardens which will have tomatoes and peppers, beans, herbs, and others. The flower pots on the end will have marigolds and nasturtiums to keep the bad bugs away. Nathan hopes to turn the entire front yard into square foot gardens with flagstone walkways in between. One day he might not have to mow at all.

Nathan also planted 5 fruit trees that he moved here from the farm. I hope they transplant well and produce fruit in a timely fashion! We are also planning a bigger plowed up area for corn, potatoes, and possibly wheat or buckwheat. I'm so excited to get these gardens going. It has been a few years since we have been settled enough to get a garden planted and I'm itching to see things sprouting!


Vicky said...

You should keep the my little ponies... I'm sure they will reappear even if you do move them. Just tell people they are modern art garden decor!

affectioknit said...

Wow - it looks so Spring-y there...

Annika said...

There is so much going on in your garden! I have not even gotten around to pruning yet... Love your raised beds!