Saturday, March 19, 2011

garden update numero uno

Our raised beds are lined with landscape fabric and filled with Mel's mix, and ready to be planted in! It has been finished since last Saturday. It is a little more expensive than using a hoe to dig up the earth, but starting with mel's mix really cuts down on the amount of weeding we will have to do (practically none) and it never has to be replaced, only add compost when you replant. We totally think it is worth it. We will be working on making our own compost this year.

Now we're only waiting on the weather. Although it was 70 and perfect here yesterday, I'm sure there will be some freezing temps to come.

Here's proof that I actually helped.

We still have a lot of tilling to do in the huge garden box on the front of the house, and in two other places in the yard. If the weather stays this beautiful there should be no problem getting it done before the last frost date. We are also planning on starting our vineyard with a couple of grapevines this year. We will be following the vineyard instructions in The Backyard Homestead. I'm still trying to talk Nathan into berries this year, but I have a feeling it will be next year before we start those. The garden excitement is still building, as I'm trying to figure out exactly how much I need to preserve for the next year. All I know is that we need a boatload of tomatoes.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Eva said...

yay for compost! my husband would be so proud :)